BeGrit Backpacking Camping Cookware Mini Picnic Camping Cooking Mess Kit with Pot and Pan Set for Hiking

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Color 8pcs
Brand BeGrit
Item Weight 1.72 Pounds
Number of Pieces 8

  • 【Lightweight and Small】Camping cookware set weights 1.72 lbs/0.78kg.Folding handle design and compact size,easy to take and save your space
  • 【Built To Last and Easy Clean】BeGrit Camping pot set heat quickly and is survival gear that is built to last. 410 stainless steel material, make it easy to clean and more durable
  • 【Handy and Multipurpose】All in 1 small package,Camping Cookware set for 2 people.Satisfying the requirement of cooking heartedly, stir-frying, boiling or frying.It is perfect to camping, hiking, backpacking, picnics, outdoor adventures, and other outdoor activities.
  • 【Cost-effective Choice】Best money you ever spend, which surprised you for the price, 8-in-1 camp cook set.Including 2 pots, 1 frying pan, 1 plate,2 reel edge plates, and2 cups
  • 【Best Gift】This is also a great birthday/holiday/christmas gift for friends or family who love the outdoors.

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Product Description






Notice of Using and Maintaing

  • 1. When using the pot, please put the pot in an even place for safety.
  • 2. Long time heating the empty pots is strictly prohibited or the service life of pots affected.
  • 3. Frequently clean the pots free of food contact, like pot handle, pot stand and the external surface, so the pot clean and free of tarnish.
  • 4. After each use, clean the pot, wash it then wipe it, and keep it clean.
  • 5.The heated pot might become yellow or black. Clean the external surface of the pot timely with cleanser, the pot will change back to its original color.
  • 6. After cleaning the pot, the surface of the water must be dry, and then place in a dry place.
  • Please Notice:
  • 8 pieces in 1 easy for travel and storage(NOT INCLUDING 40L BACKPACK), including 2 pots, 1 frying pan, 1 plate, 2 reel edge plates, 2 mugs.

Important information

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4pcs, ‎8pcs

Package Weight

‎0.8 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎9.06 x 6.3 x 3.15 inches

Item Weight

‎1.72 Pounds

Brand Name


Part Number


Sport Type

‎Climbing, Camping and Hiking, Outdoor Lifestyle



Date First Available

December 30, 2015



10 reviews for BeGrit Backpacking Camping Cookware Mini Picnic Camping Cooking Mess Kit with Pot and Pan Set for Hiking

  1. lloyd gregoire

    I wish I would have spent the extra money on a non stick set

  2. James

    I wish the plates was bigger but other than that I’m happy not looking to cook a full course meal

  3. andrea sifontes

    The pots are very small. A medium sized potato took the entire space.Couldn’t fit a whole sweet potato.The plates and mugs are decently sized for a toddler. For a real life comparison, my dogs bowls are bigger. I was expecting too much out of this kit, but I was another fallen soldier and didn’t read reviews as they were good for the better part.

  4. Luis D

    Enjoying these pots and pans.

  5. Michael

    These don’t nest well at all. They clang around and are pretty loud. Only one lid comes with the set, but that lid only fits on one pot and can’t be used with the others. The plates are about the size of saucers that Brits get their tea served on. The cups have a goofy handle that completely prevents them from being stored inside the other items, where if those handles were like the ones on the pots they would nest. Overfall, I’m not happy with the set but I did only pay $12.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Friendly reminder to read the dimensions. I neglected to do so and the set was too small for me. I wanted larger pots for car camping.

  7. Salty_Blaggard

    Small little cooking set perfect for backpacking or camping. Not the highest quality steel cookware.

  8. Boony

    I got my begrit camp cookset today…06-05-2017…Looks well made and the 2 pots and fryin pan should serve me well.Ill update this review once Ive had a chance to test them out.The cups are 8 ounces each…Gotta wonder why it is that every single or dual person camp cookset Ive ever seen bein sold has 8 ounce cups ???As if 8 ounces is enough liquid for drinkin per sittin.Most cups you see in restraunts are about 16 ounces…Seems to me that a person out campin would want a cup big enough they dont have to refill right away.Ok…Rant over…I wont be usin the cups in my bug out bag BUT theyll be good for drinkin whiskey out of at home when I dont wanna get super drunk.The plates are about the size of a hamburger bun…Just a tiny bit bigger.I wont be usin them either except at home to eat cake with.The fryin pan will serve as a plate if need be as well as for light duty fryin.The smaller pot looks to be good for boilin water for java or tea.The larger pot will be my main dinner cookin pot.I like the bag you get for storage purposes as I favor well made bags with a double drawstring setup.All in all Id say this is a good set to have for 1 personBUT if theres more than 1 person in your group THEN you may want to get a set for each person OR a different set entirely.

  9. Loulou Handfield

    1 ou 2 personnesPetites batterie de cuisine pour camping, pique-nique ou situation d’urgence. Pour un petit prix vous obtenez 4 pièces. Parfaites sur poêle au butane, à l’alcool ou petit poêle à bois (brindilles). Je n’ai pas testé sur un poêle au propane ou un feu de bois direct.Bref, pour une ou 2 personnes, c’est idéale. Format compact se glisse dans votre sac ou dans un coin de votre armoire pour être prêt à servir. J’approuve.

  10. eli

    Nice bit of kitI can’t actually say enough about this kitchenware set. For my expectations and purposes, it’s very useful. The only things I would change is the material… I would have preferred titanium but I also should have stayed in school and got a job paying 6 digits a year. The SSteel is decent, tough and not too thin, though I suspect that you will have to dry it really well to avoid possible rust down the road. The handles are loosely fit, so that they flop around unless “locked” in the open position, or safely tucked into the bag. I solved this by using a needle nosed pliers to squeeze the metal “loops” on the pots and pan… voila, they stay where I put them. If you like quiet while hiking, this set all packed up in the bag (rugged and high quality mesh and black, like the soot which will be on the cookware) still rattles though, so maybe store your dry socks in there, but not your dish cloth or drying towel, as rust will take over your SSteel in due time. I have omitted the solid fuel burner dish (I use double layer tinfoil if burning solid fuel, so you can just crumple it up after and toss it into a sealed baggy or something, because even after they burn, the residue they leave can be hard to clean and smelly), the two plates (I have a lightweight, plastic portion plate I use) and have inserted my biofuel stove and a medium sized gas burner stove, solid fuel pellets for wet tinder days, my steel fire starter and homemade tinder kit. It’s pretty tidy, fits nicely into the bag, and I still have a large and small pot, a good-sized pan (doubles as a cover for the pot if need be, for quick boiling water), the top for the small pot (to use as a small frying pan or a side plate for stuff like chicken cordon bleu or a t-bone steak). The plates are a bit small, but fine for use on the trail, but I like my food very hot, and the SSteel plates would be very hot to hold. The cups, unfortunately, don’t have collapsible handles, so I won’t use them, though they are light and big enough for a cup of tea or coffee. So all in all, even though I have modified my set, anyone with a desire to have everything you need for one or two ppl hiking in the back country, this little rig is a decent, affordable and compact set of cookware for exactly that. Good buy, I love it. Btw, if it seems like all the stuff in it would mean that it must be big, it isn’t. It’s just that pots and pans sets are usually hollow for a good portion when put altogether for storage. The set is small, reasonable light and tough and ultimately.. totally useful. As well as being storage for other kitchen stuff, if the right shape and size to fit in that “hollow” spot.

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BeGrit Backpacking Camping Cookware Mini Picnic Camping Cooking Mess Kit with Pot and Pan Set for Hiking
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