Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with WeatherTec Technology, Double-Thick Fabric, and

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  • Instant tent sets up in just 1 minute. Fits 1 queen-size air bed.5 Tent Windows with 1 door.Built in Lights : No, Vestibule Area : No.
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and inverted seams to keep you dry
  • Rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric for reliable, long-lasting use
  • Integrated vented rainfly improves airflow without any extra assembly needed
  • Measures 8 x 7 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height

The Coleman Instant Cabin makes getting camp set up quicker and easier than ever. This instant tent has pre-attached poles that make setting up camp as simple as unfolding, extending, and securing. You can assemble the tent in about a minute and then get started on your adventure. This camping tent is designed with the WeatherTec system that features patented welded floors and inverted seams to help ensure you stay dry if it starts to rain. An integrated vented rainfly offers added protection from the rain and improves airflow without the need for extra assembly. This backpacking tent is made from rugged Polyguard 2X double-thick fabric that stands up to the rigors of the outdoors, so you can use it reliably season after season. This 6-person tent offers enough room for two queen size air beds and comes with integrated storage pockets to help you keep small items organized. And when it’s time to go home, the camping tent packs away securely in the included expandable carry bag that lets you tear away the rip strip for easy packing.

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Convenient Storage

When it’s time to head home, the tent packs up into an included expandable carrying bag until you’re off on your next adventure.

WeatherTec System

On rainy nights, stay dry thanks to tub-like floors with patented corner welds and covered seams to help keep water out.

Quick & Easy Setup

Every moment of your outdoor adventure is precious so with preassembled poles you can have your tent set up in about a minute.

Dark Room Technology

By blocking 90% of sunlight coming into the tent, this technology lets you get some z’s while the sun’s still up and reduces temperature buildup up to 10%.


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We help people make fun memories by providing the tents, lighting, stoves, coolers, sleeping bags, and camping tools integral to their favorite outdoor experiences.

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Pattern Name

Cabin Tent

Package Weight

‎9.25 Kilograms


10-person Dark Room, ‎4-person, 6-person, 8-person

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎39.95 x 8.38 x 9.38 inches

Item Weight

‎19.1 Pounds

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Warranty Description

‎Limited Warranty

Model Name

‎Colema Cabin Tent with Instant Setup




‎Polyester, Polyethylene, Alloy Steel, Fabric

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Included Components

‎Ground Stakes, Pdf, Storage Bag Product Description, Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent with Instant Setup



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Date First Available

November 3, 2010



8 reviews for Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with WeatherTec Technology, Double-Thick Fabric, and

  1. Arthur Senior

    Tents come in many shapes and sizes, each have their positives, and their negatives. Some tents are cheap, while other’s, really expensive. The best tent for you, is going to depend on what you need from a tent, and how much money you are willing to spend. Most people who like to camp in the summer time, will probably be satisfied with a tent like this one. While other’s who camp in extreme cold temperatures, might be inclined to go with one of those super thermal padded tents.PACKAGING: Coleman loves to double pack these tents. When you receive your package, and open it up, it reveals the Coleman bag as seen in photo 1. If you unzip the Coleman bag, it reveals another box! Once you open up that box, finally, you will be able to pull your tent out of the box to begin deploying.DIMENSIONS: The dimensions of the tent are, 10 feet long, by 9 feet wide, and 6 feet tall. I chose a tent this big because I wanted enough space. However, they always overstate a tents capacity. It may fit up to 6 small children. But in reality, this tent can only house up to 4-adults, and up to 2-adults comfortably.PITCHING: Pitching the tent, is not as quick as the company says, which should be no surprise to no one. If you had 2-people working together, you could perhaps do it in 60-seconds. However, I pitched it all by myself, and it took closer to 2-minutes. When you compare this design to a dome tent however, you will take much longer to set one of those up. All you have to do, is stand the spider column (as I call it) upright, then unfold each leg, until the tent is flat on the ground. Then begin extending each leg of the tent, until the button snaps through the slots. Again, it will be a bit cumbersome for 1-person to do, however, still faster then setting up a dome tent.Once the tent is pitched, and you’ve stretched all the legs outward, then begin setting up your guidelines. If your tent is on earth, you can use the included stakes they give you, to stake the tent down using the guidelines. Additionally, if you plan to camp on days where it will be raining, you really need to waterproof the tent with the optional rainfly accessory, model 2000010331. The rainfly is nearly impossible to put on, via 1-person, once the tent has been pitched up. I recommend 2-people to install the rainfly. The rainfly secures to the tent via plastic C-clips. And the rainfly comes with its own stakes and guidelines, to secure to the earth.INGRESS: The tent has only 1-entry point, the front door. And unlike most tents, which the door spans the entire front half of the tent, this tent’s door, only opens 1/2 of the front opening. I would have liked to have seen the full width being used. There are instant popup tents that are larger in size, that do use full width doors. As typical with all tents, it is double zippered, so you can close and open it from within.WINDOWS: This tent is fully loaded when it comes to windows! There is literally windows on every side of this tent, all of them have 2-zippers per window. Each window has a mesh screen to keep bugs out, and each can be rolled down and secured with the knobs they provide. The reason they didn’t use the full width for the door, is because they wanted to put a window next to the door as well. So rest assured, if your camping in the summer time, you are going to get plenty of ventilation.VENTS: Now this is where I can be a bit nit picky when it comes to vent locations. On larger tents, they often put the vents close to the bottom of the tents, usually located in the back, or on the sides of the tent. But they chose to put the vents on the top of the tent on this model. I guess if your camping in the summer time, since heat rises, having them on the top makes sense. But if your camping in the winter time, its only going to let all the heat out. And if your running propane heaters, such as the buddy heater, you really want it to intake air from the bottom of your tent. Also, if you close the vents, there is still no way to make them seal in their closed position, so they will still vent when you don’t want them to. The vents also come with zipper meshes, as well as the velcro strap that keeps them open.MATERIAL: The materials that this tent consist of, 150D Polyester, and Taffeta 150D. They use taped seams, inverted welded seams, and use rugged polyguard. I’m not an expert on tents, so I can’t tell you the values of these materials, or how they are constructed. What I can tell you, is that no integrated weathertek system is going to completely waterproof the tent without the rainfly accessory. However, for a super light sprinkle, you can get away with it.For the most part, this tent feels like quality to me. A lot of times, companies will cheap out on the zippers, but these ones seem pretty good. The material makeup of the tent seems fairly solid, and the aluminum legs also seem pretty good. The spider column was fairly easy to work with when setting up the tent, so I think it is durable enough as well. Do I think the materials would hold up in winds up to 50MPH or more? No, absolutely not! But who’s camping in stormy winds?ACCESSORIES: The tent comes with several accessory points that I like. Outside the tent above the door, there is a loop where you can hang a lantern, mosquito repellent, etc. Inside the tent are two mesh pockets, one close to the door on the side of the tent, and the other on the back half of the tent, on the other side. These mesh pockets can be used to store cell phones, keys, lighters, emergency supplies, pretty much anything you need small pockets for. The tent also comes equipped with a lantern hanger. But if your lantern only has a handle instead of a hook, you will need to use a carabeener to attach to the lantern hanger.EXPERIENCE: Most of you are going to use a tent to go camping. While I would love to go camping personally, I no longer have a vehicle, so I have no access to camping sites. Instead, I am thinking outside the box, and solving a problem I have. I lease my workshop, therefor I do not own the building. When you are leasing, its illegal for the renter to make changes to the building, its up to the person who owns the building to do that. The sheet metal roof of my workshop leaks when it rains. When it snows heavy, snow also falls in from the ridge cap. And since my shop is not insulated, it gets mighty cold in there during the winter time, there is just no way to heat it.NOTE: Absent T land owners are not fun. They don’t consider you important, and they refuse to fix problems. But they love to go numerous vacations every year all over the world, with the money they make from your rent payments. Capitalism at work fellas.To solve this issue, I bought this tent, I knew that it would solve two problems for me. First, keep the rain off of my most important machines, and provide heat to keep the freezing cold at bay. Also, I wanted a space where I could do work in warmer temps. As you can see from the pictures, the tent fits the available space I have in the shop quite well. I ran an electrical cord up through the top vent, so that I can have power to run a light, space heater, and a charger.I used a 32-WATT LED worklight as my light source, I just used a small bungee cord wrapped around the light’s frame several times, then put both the hooks onto the lantern hanger attachment. While it may be crude, it works, and thats all that counts. I run the space heater on low, its set to 65 degrees F, and it oscillates to move the heat around. When I am not working in the tent, I store my 2-best mowers inside, and a scooter. The mower closest to the camera, I actually bought on Amazon!I use an outdoor wireless thermometer to monitor the temp inside the tent, thats how I dialed in the heater. Also, to protect the tent floor from tearing, as I am moving heavy equipment in and out of it, I chose to line the floor with cardboard, and taped the cardboard together. And since I unfortunately do not have carpet material, I chose to just staple some blankets to the cardboard. If anybody has any knowledge on where I can get carpet to line this square footage on the cheap, please let me know.When the temperature is in the 30’s, I am able to maintain 54 degrees F with the heater on low. (750-WATTS) When the temperature is in the 40’s, I am able to maintain 60 degrees F. If I through the heater on high, (1500-WATTS) I could easily hit the mark of 65 degrees F while its in the 30’s out there. But I don’t want to use that much power on my bill, so I chose not to. For those of you who plan to use a propane buddy heater, make sure your vent is open, otherwise you will burn up all your oxygen and become asphyxiated. A propane heater generally puts out more BTU’s of heating power, but at a price of consuming propane.CONCLUSION: I am known to do things in unique ways, and this tent is no exception. While this tent is a very simple solution to a larger problem, it is both cost effective, ingenuitive, and it just works for me. Nobody can wait on absent t owners to handle things. And there was no way I was going to spend 1000 dollars of my own money to insulate the workshop and fix the roof leaks. I really love my tent, it works really well, and I think you will love it too, if you choose to buy it. Despite a few of my nit picks, I am going to give this a solid 5 out of 5 stars!

  2. Teresa Miller

    First let me say I live full time in my tent. I have tested a few tents of different sizes.This tent is pretty roomy at 10ft x 14ft with a nice center height. The ceiling height drops off to like 5ft at the exits. Double doors on the screen room side and a single on the other end so each “room” has its own door. This tent does not require the use of a rain fly though I got one anyway with the logic that it would create additional shade for the tent allowing for cooler interior Temps. I currently do not have it installed because I had a 10×12 tarp prehung for campfires during colder weather. I will likely keep the tarp but move it so that it creates a lean-to roof to give me a dry space before entering my tent.The pros:It is very roomy for one person and 80lb dog.I easily set it up in a couple of minutes solo – not counting the time to stake the tent and run the guy linesThe tent sets up nice and tight so the tent doesnt move around in the wind. In 25mph winds, the 2 ends moved in and out with the wind, but no whipping. The poles and guy lines make this a pretty sturdy tent. The 2 sides and the ceiling had no movement.The screen room is awesome, however, I wish the zip down windows went closer to the floor. The screen room windows zip down to about 2ft from the floor. The tent does get a lot of air flow anyways. I have it in the shade and at 80°F the tent stayed around 70 and with the breeze it was almost long sleeve weather. On cooler nights down to 35, the tent stayed about 10°F warmer than outside.The cons:There are no lantern hooks or an e-portThis tent sets up best on flat ground, and I mean FLAT. The way the poles attach at the top of the tent do not allow the tent to sag in the middle to accommodate uneven terrain. If you attempt to pull the middle poles to the ground, you will flex the corner poles and the tent will not open properly. I staked a piece of paracord to the ground right below and in front of the pole and then tied off to the pole to keep it from moving inward or upward.The door to the screen room does not close completely, there is a 1 inch wide by ¼ inch gap where the 3 zippers come together. This is only an issue where pests can get in, but if the doors are completely zipped, mosquitoes and such won’t see and be attracted to the light thru the gap.The center area of the floor is bigger than the foot print but it worked out for me because the center of my tent is lower than the ends causing a 2 inch gap between pole and ground. The excess in the floor kept it from being too taught and putting strain on the seams. I’m not sure if this was genius forethought or a happy accident.There is no ceiling net option. There is only one pocket for “8” people to use.With 8 people you’d have to stack any gear and be on top of each other. For a camping trip I’d say it would accommodate 4-5 people with gear comfortably. You could a twin air mattress in each of the 4 corners and have walking room but very little room for gear.I seen a review complaining about the width x length being shorter at the top, and it is, but it’s only a foot on each of the 2 sides and two feet loss on each end. By the time it’s an issue, you are bending down to exit the door.The seams are quite tight where the poles are attached. This will help rain roll off and lessen the chance of a leak but makes me wonder how long they will hold up to the amount of tension placed on them.I’ve been using it for a week now with no complaints except the lack of an e-port and lantern hooks. I’ve been using the the roll up strap for the smaller door to hang my lantern.Overall, I’d recommend this tent at the $200 price I bought it for.

  3. Ray A.

    I had this tent in the 4 person model and loved it…60 second assembly 60 second dissassembly. Can be done by yourself.Bought the 8 person model as wife wanted more room in the tent of 4 night trips.OK…the design fails when the poles get taller, when the roof/ceiling poles have to extend farther, and when you have 6 poles rather than 4.The “elbow” joint, at roof/top of side wall is double jointed, it extends to about 270 degrees when tent goes up, then to about 5-10 degrees for storage. This joint breaks with almost any lateral pressure, the pin breaks. I am contacting coleman warranty for repair or replacement as I am 90 days after purchase. During the warranty claim they mention “if we decide to replace, which model would you like” they offer me 3 options – none are instant tent, which is what I want. I think they no longer make this in an 8 person variety (14ftx10ft) – they do however make a newer model 14x10ft “dark room” model. same footprint, same instant option, slight different design and new color. I’m pushing for that. If they force me to take an inferior non instant model I’ll come back and update review to 1 start with a harsh warning to avoid all coleman tents for poor warranty support. If however they repair, replace with like model I’ll come back and update to that effect and up it to 3 stars, yes it had a problem, but they stuck by it and took care of me. For now, 2 stars overall. other than this issue I’m satisfied – it is plenty rain proof, not perfect for rain, but after 8 hour thunderstorm, just a little bit of rain under the main door.update: coleman warranty support had a new tent headed my way they offered several options since the original tent was not in stock. Good support experience. 4 stars because of good support.

  4. Nick Yong

    Spare partHi, one of the plastic piece broke, how do I get the replacement part?

  5. Cliente de Amazon

    Muy buen productoFacil y segura para armar

  6. Claudia Durán

    Estabamos esperándolaFue una excelente compra, en esta casa estamos mas cómodos, y cabe perfecto nuestros colchones Queen, y ademas tenemos un gran espacio para colocar nuestras maletas.

  7. Kunde

    FliegengitterZelt ist super einfach auf-und abzubauen, was ich nicht verstehe ist, was sich die Entwickler dabei gedacht haben, die Fliegengitter allesamt außerhalb zu “montieren”. Wie soll man da die Vogelsch….. sauber wegbekommen ohne das ein Rest sich irgendwo noch hält. Da wo die 3 Reißverschlüsse bei der doppelten Türe zusammen kommen, können die sich auch noch was überlegen, da bei Regen eine große Pfütze im Innenraum war

  8. Excelente colchón y la bomba funcional

    ExcelenteSúper bien la casa de campaña amplia y de excelente altura para cuando te quieres cambiar

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Coleman Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 4/6/8/10 Person Weatherproof Tent with WeatherTec Technology, Double-Thick Fabric, and
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