Hexagon Wall Decals, H2MTOOL 12 PCS Large Removable Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers for Home Living Room Bedroom Decor (9cm,

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Surface Recommendation
Wall, Door
Installation Type
  • REAL LARGE SIZE: A set of 12 PCS. Each side measures 9 cm / 3.5”, diameter 17.7 cm / 7.0”. Different from other small size mirror stickers.
  • UPGRADED & THICK: This Hexagon mirror is upgraded, thickness of 0.1cm, the other products on the market are 0.01-0.02 cm.
  • EASY TO PASTE & REMOVABLE: The wall mirror stickers can be fixed easily by its back-adhesive and removed without damaging your wall.
  • NOT REAL MIRROR: The wall mirror stickers is made of acrylic, the reflection is not as good as a real mirror. Before apply please clean the wall, if the wall is not clear, they will fall off within 24 hours.
  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: Ideal to decorate bathroom, living room, TV backdrop, door, cabinet, children room, bedroom, sofa wall etc.

Product Description

wall stickers
room decor

large size wall decals

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DIY wall stickers

Manual & Specifications

Material: Acrylic

Color: Silver

Quantity: 12 pcs

Size: Each side measures 9 cm / 3.5”, diameter 17.7 cm / 7.0”

Package included: 12 pcs x Hexagon Wall Stickers

wall decals
wall decor
home decor
DIY wall stickers

1.Please make sure your surface is very smooth & clean before applying.

wall decals

2. Tearing off the back surface and stick it to wall directly.

wall decor

3. The surface has a protective film and it can be removed.

home decor

4. Before apply please clean the wall, if the wall is not clear, they will fall off within 24 hours.

Important information

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Weight8.1 kg






Item Dimensions LxWxH

7.1 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches

Room Type

Living Room

Number of pieces




Age Range (Description)




Unit Count

12 Count

Finish Type


Number of Items


Product Dimensions

7.1 x 6.5 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight

‎8.1 ounces



Item model number


Finish types


Assembly Required


Batteries required




9 reviews for Hexagon Wall Decals, H2MTOOL 12 PCS Large Removable Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers for Home Living Room Bedroom Decor (9cm,

  1. Displaced Desert Rat

    I was looking for something to use as a mirror in our travel trailer that wouldn’t be actual glass. When I ordered these, no one in the house had high expectations since the reviews seem to be mixed about them.All I can say now is that the reflection on these is a perfect mirror type image. I don’t understand why anyone would think otherwise, unless they failed to remove the protective FRONT plastic!These are acrylic stickers so they require more care when cleaning because they will scratch on the surface, unlike glass. However, the reflection they give off is perfect and I couldn’t be happier with the look. In fact, my wife does not believe me that they are not glass.For proper care, I think microfiber cloth or something similar should be fine. Anything that would be recommended for your eyeglasses (which are usually coated), would work on these. If you use paper towels, they’re gonna get scratched.The other thing to consider when buying these is the adhesive backing. I wouldn’t call it the strongest backing I’ve ever seen, but in the few days they’ve been mounted in our trailer out in the sun, they have not moved an inch. That said, I didn’t get these for their adhesive properties. If they happen to fall off, there are a ton of adhesive products that will do the trick and make the installation permanent. I’m just happy to have found a mirror-like product without the worry of having glass in the trailer.

  2. Amber

    These are so cute and you can arrange them in so many fun ways. I recommend prepping the wall first and sticks best when you do not move them around however my daughter has moved them before and still got them to stick.

  3. Gus12

    Added nice style to my wall. But don’t think of it as a real mirror. They do get distorted. Especially when u try to clean them.

  4. Errol

    It sticks just well to my apartment’s walls and is super easy to remove–no paint coming off or anything. Just know that it works more like a fun mirror and you would need to be up close to get an accurate reflection. My toddler loves it. I will definitely order more because I feel I didn’t order enough to get a full mirror look and was a little disappointed when I first hung these up. I even use one as a portable mirror (just cut some scratch paper in the shape of a hexagon and attach it to the back).

  5. Michael B.

    I am pretty happy with the product, a few things to consider. They aren’t mirrors they are cardboard with reflective glass on top, the other side is a tacky adhesive. But they do give a pretty good reflection however if you press too hard when you are installing them, they will become very wonky and wavy in the reflection. A few have dropped a couple times and each time I re-stick them on the wall they get more wonky. Again I am okay with it because the price is so low and if they were real mirrors they would be way more. A few did come cracked, and I cracked one by just pressing it on a textured part of the wall. Overall I am pretty happy with them, they were very cheap (I got 3 packs of 12 for $34) came in 2 days, and the install was very easy. They look very unique and modern. I am using them in my yoga room for both decor and to check my form. IF YOU ARE USING THEM AS A LEGIT MIRROR YOU MUST BE LESS THAN 3 FEET AWAY OTHERWISE REFLECTION IS WAVY.

  6. Dallas Hazard

    I love how these have transformed the look of my living room! Very easy to install HOWEVER, be sure you stick them right the first time. I made the mistake of trying to rearrange them after putting them up and the adhesive became pretty much useless. Almost every single one popped off over the course of a couple days. I tried tape (didn’t work) and ended up actually using glue I had lying around to get them to stick. I don’t know if this was completely user error, but the fact that they lose their stick after one try makes me think they might have fallen off on their own eventually. Also, if they accidentally come into contact with each other, they will stick and possibly ruin the mirrors, so once the adhesive backing is exposed, be very careful not to let it touch anything other than the wall.All said and done, I would recommend these but have extra glue on hand and plan out exactly where you want them all before you try to put them up.

  7. E

    When I first saw these I absolutely fell in love. I’ve been trying to give my room a makeover and turn it into something that’s more modern.These hexagon shaped mirrors are super modern and look adorable in my room. They have a clear plastic film over the mirror part so that it doesn’t get scratched which I appreciated as none of my panels got scratched or broken. The mirrors are pretty clear for me and give my room a great touch. I really like how you can put these in any pattern that you want. There are enough panels to create a cool pattern.However, I do have a couple of things that I wasn’t a huge fan of. Some of these panels don’t really stick well. I had to really push it on the wall to get them to stick decently. And I wouldn’t say that these are removable per say. I tried taking a couple off and most came off okay, but pieces of paint came off on the other panels which I wasn’t too thrilled about.

  8. Amazon Customer

    Was great for the price

  9. Jessie

    These are great!Exactly what I was after, looks fantastic, and wow, they are sticky and solid. I just bought some more to continue decorating my wall ❤️

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Hexagon Wall Decals, H2MTOOL 12 PCS Large Removable Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers for Home Living Room Bedroom Decor (9cm,
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