Hydroponics Growing System Herb Garden – MUFGA 18 Pods Indoor Gardening System with LED Grow Light, Plants Germination Kit(No

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  • 【High-Performance Grow Lights】: The hydroponic growing system uses 24-watt LED lights that mimic the sun’s light spectrum to provide plants with the light they need. Not limited by weather or season, plants grow faster with plant nutrients and light than in soil,Hydroponics plants grow 5 times faster than soil.The extra-large 6.5-liter water tank provides more space for root development is a must-have for mature plants.
  • 【Indoor Herb Garden】: The indoor hydroponic herb garden offers two growing modes, including vegetable mode and flower and fruit mode. You can grow up to 18 of your favorite herbs, vegetables or flowers indoors at the same time, depending on your preference. In this way, you can easily have an indoor herb garden and pick fresh vegetables, fruits, etc. at any time.
  • 【Height-Adjustable Garden Kit】: Indoor Herb Garden Kit comes with a height adjustable garden kit that allows you to adjust the height of the planting boards according to the different growth stages of your plants. This allows you to provide the right growing space for your plants according to their needs and promote their healthy growth. Please note that the kit does not include seeds, which you will need to purchase separately.
  • 【Hydroponic Circulation System】: This indoor gardening system is equipped with a separate water pump to circulate the nutrient water solution from the water supply system to the plant root system. This circulation system ensures that the plant receives sufficient water and nutrients to help it grow and develop.
  • 【Ideal Gardening Gifts for Women】: This hydroponic indoor growing system is the perfect gift for women. It will not only bring you the fun of growing plants, but also add color to your life.

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hydroponic gardening systems

hydroponic garden

hydroponic herb garden kit indoor

herb growing kit indoor

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Weight6.03 kg
Dimensions16.85 × 9.4 × 5.9 cm
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16.85 x 9.4 x 5.9 inches

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6.03 pounds



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8 reviews for Hydroponics Growing System Herb Garden – MUFGA 18 Pods Indoor Gardening System with LED Grow Light, Plants Germination Kit(No

  1. Anon

    Not only does this look really cool on a countertop, but you can start growing your own herbs very easily, especially if you don’t really have a green thumb or want to mess with dirt. We’ve also used these to germinate some plants that we eventually move outside, and all 4 of my kids have a few spots to plant whatever they want. I think all homeschoolers should have one in their room. Most of these form factors are built from thin plastic. It could be a lot beefier, but it still works fine as long as you’re gentle and don’t throw it to the floor. Comes with all you need, but if you continue to use you’ll need to look into your own mixture for water and nutrients.

  2. Delafere

    Very cool, setup is very quick and easy and the instructions were great. A few typos in the manual, etc, but still easy to decipher. Very easy to clean the tank between batches too. I was worried it would be loud but the pump makes kind of a pleasant hum. Now I need to figure out where to get refills of the sponges and the plant food because I’m going to start all my spring vegetable plants in this.

  3. Mary

    I am new to hydroponic gardening but wanted to try something new. I was a little worried about how complicated the setup would be but I was relieved to see the instructions are very clear and easy to follow. The process is very straight forward and the device is adjustable to the growth of the plant. This is a great starter unit and will be a great solution for growing herbs over the wintertime. One of the nice features that stood out to me is the circulating water pump which will help the quality of the water. This setup is very hands off once up and running which is very appealing to me.

  4. Adam Smith

    This might be my best Amazon purchase so far. I am a whole food enthusiast. I love getting my groceries from farmers markets and also have my own garden that I tend to. It’s starting to get colder as winter approaches so I looked into ways to continue growing my own food through winter and settled on a hydroponic garden. Right now I’m growing some beans and they are growing FAST. I don’t have any problems with the lights and I don’t even really have to pay much attention to the plants at all. Looking forward to trying some fresh vegetables soon.

  5. Nevada Marine

    Easy set up, comes with everything EXCEPT seeds & Water, (thats up to you what you want to grow) packaged very well. Start growing your own spices, peppers, and so forth. After 2 days already have some growth on some of the seeds. Very exciting to see something after just a couple days. I recommend this product and I plan to get another soon to grow some other things – MORE Hot peppers This is a good value for the money and you wont regret it.

  6. Mike

    I bought 2 of these. First one was missing 2 pieces, the company sent replacements out immediately with one question-verify my shipping address. Planted lettuse and spinach the lettuse sprouted on day 3 the spinach on day 4. Waiting 3 weeks to plant in the 2nd one to stagger the crops. My nephew saw what I was doing and bought one so they can have lettuce and stuff all winter too.

  7. Shaikh

    This AeroGarden is a fantastic addition to any home, especially for those who love fresh herbs and plants. It’s incredibly easy to set up and maintain, and the LED grow lights ensure your plants thrive year-round. The sleek design also adds a touch of greenery to any space. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a beginner, this AeroGarden is a convenient way to enjoy homegrown herbs and vegetables.

  8. Amazon Customer

    As someone whose never planted a seed or done any gardening, I’m so impressed to see how easy it is to have fresh organic fruit and vegetables. I had some hiccups with the germination process, due to lack of knowledge. I’ve since done some reading, and learned what not to do. After I corrected my mistakes, vegetables started to sprout within 3 days. My tomato’s which I found out are fruit, have not been as lucky. They grow much slower than herbs: The light is continuously moved up due to growing herbs, but the tomato seeds have not sprouted. 😭😭😭. Oh well!I purchased a smaller/cheaper machine at the same time, to compare. I would definitely recommend spending the extra $20 and get a decent machine. This model is already cheap. Lol. Great product. I’m purchasing another!

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Hydroponics Growing System Herb Garden – MUFGA 18 Pods Indoor Gardening System with LED Grow Light, Plants Germination Kit(No
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