Waterdrop 0.01μm Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Under Sink, 1/4 inch Direct Connect, NSF/ANSI 42

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Material BPA-Free Material, Lead-Free Material
Product Dimensions 3.6″D x 3.9″W x 16.7″H
Item Weight 1.52 Kilograms
External Testing Certification WQA
Brand Waterdrop

  • Less than $36.99 per replacement filter (Search ” B085FTK7FV”on Amazon), save over 50% of cost on subsequent use.
  • [Ultimate solution for cool crisp drinking water] Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System is compatible with most refrigerators. With accessories needed for connection, you can easily access to fresh, tasty ice water and crystal clear ice cubes from your refrigerator. It’s time to replace your overpriced refrigerator water filters!
  • [Superior material] With a filtration accuracy of 0.01 μm, the Ultrafiltration membrane filters out most of baçtёria larger than 0.01 μm. Activated carbon block and other advanced filter media ensure efficient and safe filtration. Specially selected premium materials are lead-free. The BPA-free, lead-free material ensures more reliable use from the inside out. The activated carbon is made from natural coconut shells. Please confirm whether you are allergic to it.
  • [WQA certified filtration] The Waterdrop Direct Connect Undersink Water Filtration System uses innovative multistage filtration. Tested against NSF/ANSI 42 standards, the system effectively reduces chlorine, taste and odor. And it can effectively reduces heavy metals, chemical iṁpurity, sediment and other large particles.[2] It can lower lead when tested by a third-party laboratory against NSF/ANSI 53 standards. No need to buy bottled water anymore!
  • [Easy installation] You can connect the undersink water filtration system to the cold water line under your sink and your refrigerator by our 1/4” PE tubing. With innovative push-to-connect fittings, the entire installation process takes less than 3 minutes. The twist-and-lock design ensures that you can replace the inline water filter in 3 seconds without any tools.
  • [Fast flow rate] The tested full flow rate of this undersink water filter is 0.75 gpm at 60 psi. The fast and stable water supply provides pure and fresh water that tastes like spring water.

Product Description

under sink water filter

under sink water filter

under sink water filter

under sink water filter

under sink water filter

Can the system reduce TDS?

No. TDS value isn’t directly related to water quality.

TDS stands for total dissolved solids.

Waterdrop under counter water filter reduces harmful pσllutants while retains natural minerals, which are beneficial for your health.

Can the product filter well water?

No. This system is designed for Municipal Tap Water. If using well water as the source, please make sure the feed water has been through a pre-filtration system. For the solution with a pre-filtration system, please search for WD-PFK.

Important information

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Dimensions3.9 × 16.7 cm
Brand Name


Model Info


Item Weight

‎3.34 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎3.6 x 3.9 x 16.7 inches

Item model number



‎16000 Gallons

Part Number


Special Features

‎Ultimate solution for cool crisp drinking water, Chlorine and baçtёria Reduction, 2 Years or 16000 gallons, 0.01 μm filtration accuracy



Material Type

‎BPA-Free Material, Lead-Free Material

Included Components

‎Waterdrop Undersink Water Filtration System×1 ·1/4" PE tubing×1 ·1/4" Male water supply line adapter×1 ·1/4" Compression hex nut×1 ·Sleeve×1 ·Insert×1 ·Teflon tape×1

Batteries Included?


Batteries required




Date First Available

September 11, 2020



10 reviews for Waterdrop 0.01μm Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Under Sink, 1/4 inch Direct Connect, NSF/ANSI 42

  1. Randomguy

    First off I have to say when installing read which side is in and out before install.. I got it backwards due to the orientation of my sink. LOL. Not a big deal, only a little water leaked before I changed it. Second, run it for maybe 2-3 minutes at 1/3 pressure before consuming. Everything was perfect when arriving and had everything I needed other than the 3/8 x 3/8 x 1/4 push to connect inline cold water valve. $12-17 on Amazon. I used some other 1/4 line I ordered before adding this to install a feed along the top of my cabinets attached to a valve so I can have the line right where I need it instead of having to drill a hole and add a faucet spout. I’m kinda cheap and also inventive less things to leave behind or change back if I move. It works great though because I can fill up large crock pots and pitchers without having to hold them.. and If I need I can simply unhook it and I have 12 feet of line lol.I installed this before another water filter because of the flow rate but I choose this company because I previously owned a Waterdrop pitcher.. I wanted something more sustainable and less clutter on my sink. So I purchased this to help clean my water before my slightly better filter. I chose not to do Osmosis because I learned that those filters use a 2:1 ratio of waste and lots of filters. So for every 2 gallons of water I get 1 clean.. Which means my water bill doubles and I have to cut holes in the pvc pipe below my sink or my genius idea to run the line out the cabinet and back into the sink.. No holes required. I thought a dual filter system with this one leading the way was way better and Cost effective too. I will only have to replace this filter every two to three years when I upgrade to the larger filter in a couple years. I get the benefits of the 4 filter .01 micron system which helps take out material before my more expensive filters’ slightly better NSF rated helping save me more money and taking out biological stuff my expensive filter doesn’t! Super Win and my water has never tasted more pure. It compares maybe even better than the special filtered water my college provided. I recommend this product highly! It’s not gonna filter out everything but for the price and ease of install it will greatly improve your tap water. When growing up I drank Distilled water all the time and I noticed a difference of health, hydration and focus when I moved out and switched to tap. Side note: I honestly think distilled is the best for personal use with Osmosis 2nd but I think people should run their dirty water from Osmosis outside to help replenish the water shelves rather than sending it back down the human made drain systems which only sends the water into water filter centers, tanks and reservoirs. Like I said though, this system is a great start and will increase quality and keep plastic out of landfills a little better than others because of the longevity of the filters and build quality.

  2. Bullet

    The water cooler arrived in perfect shape the packaging was completely intact and no damage from shipping was apparent. The assembly and initial setup went smoothly although the instructions left a lot to be desired. There is a warning label on the base of the unit that suggested the internal water valve be turned to the off position which shuts off the water flow to the filters. This causes the pump to think there is no water supply and a red blinking light when the unit is plugged in. After realizing that the valve has to be in the open position to function everything went smoothly. The clarity of the water and temperature settings are as stated and in all I like the initial taste of the output but hopefully it will improve as the filters break in. I will update the review in a few months.

  3. Drew

    People give poor ratings for stuff that doesn’t apply to the product. So here goes my rating. This filter is an upgrade from an existing system. No hoses to replace. The mounting screws were the same distance apart. End result, 10 minute install, 5 minute system flush. And 20 minutes later recheck for leaks. No leaks. Taste test excellent taste excellent water pressure and my refrigerator ice and water are also tapped into this system. Overall rating 5 of 5 stars.

  4. sevans

    Bought this for a new commercial ice maker and it works great. The specs say 0.75 gpm at 60 psi and to flush the filter for 5 minutes. I expected to get about 3.75 gallons of water but it nearly filled a 5 gallon bucket to the rim after 5 minutes. Water pressure measured at a hose bib is 85 psi at my house.The screws provided are not the best. I stripped 1 screw head but I have lots of screws so this was a minor setback.I wish the kit came with all the necessary parts for different sized valves even if the fittings were plastic. It comes with a 1/4″ stainless steel compression fitting and 1/4″ supply line. My shutoff valve is 3/8″ so I had to get a 3/8″ female to 1/4″ male reducer fitting. Amazon sells them but I paid more at Ace Hardware so I could get the job done ASAP.

  5. P. B. Jones

    I’ve tried several different filter systems in my house and at my office. This one is simple and very good. Tastes great

  6. louisya

    I got sick of paying so much money for the refrigerator OEM built in water filters and tried multiple times to save money by purchasing and alternative brands from Amazon (Which is very sketchy ) the last straw was an original looking water filter from Kenmore that was a fake, i did some research and called Waterdrop support before purchase, no one answered the call and i didn’t leave a message, i was very impressed when my phone rang 2 hours later that evening and a sales/tech person answered my question, i knew then that i should stick to this brand and ordered the filter, i bought and installed it and it was very easy however the taste was not quite there yet, i called support and got someone to answer almost immediately , he offered to send the UF filter since my municipal water is not the best, and sure enough 2 days later the package arrived and after replacing the filter the taste was amazing, support person followed up with an email to make sure the issue is resolved which was a big 2 thumbs up for this company, Now i am not sure why they don’t answer sometimes but these days most people are working remotely so i suspect it might be geographically more challenging to stick to certain support hours, use email if possible or expect to get a call back, and please do not go out bashing these guys, they are doing a great job in providing an affordable quality filtration systems

  7. Wonwhi Oh

    The filter took out all of the white particles which was in our ice and water. Water tastes cleaner. Installation is simple enough, but the fittings might not be right ones depending on the refrigerator and water outlet for it. If you know your way around how to install adapters, easy as pie.

  8. Shirley S

    Needed better instructionsCan be hooked up to a separate tap with a three way “T” with two 3/8” female & one 1/4” female which can be hard to find in a small town. Does work well.

  9. Claudia Piché

    Remplacement de mon filtre à frigo Fisher PaykelSolution alternative à notre filtre de frigo qui était très dispendieux, ce produit marche aussi bien et a pu s’adapter très facilement aux tuyaux déjà en place.

  10. Rick Boyd

    Easy InstallI bought this filter to replace the one that was installed with the frig. Super easy to install. 2 year life on the filter. Great throughput/pressure. Highly recommended.One cautionary note, check the dimensions. It was much larger than the one I replaced, but I had room and it is sooooo much better…

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Waterdrop 0.01μm Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator, Ice Maker, Under Sink, 1/4 inch Direct Connect, NSF/ANSI 42
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