Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool,

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  • DARK ROOM TECHNOLOGY: Blocks 90% of sunlight for more comfortable rest anytime
  • REDUCES HEAT: Ensures a cool interior even during daytime
  • WEATHERPROOF: Provides protection against rain and winds up to 35+ mph
  • E-PORT: Convenient access point for bringing electrical power inside
  • EASY SETUP: Sets up in 15 minutes for fast use
  • BUG-FREE LOUNGING: 10 x 5 ft. full-floor screen room provides an insect-free environment
  • SPACIOUS: 10 x 9 ft. size with 5 ft. 8 in. center height and fits 2 queen-size air beds
  • GUARANTEED: Comes with a 1-year limited warranty for peace of mind
  • EXCEPTIONAL FOR: Camping & Glamping, Beach Retreats, Festivals, Sports Events, Tailgating and Backyard Lounging.

Sleep in past sunrise or put the kids to bed early with the Coleman 4-Person Carlsbad Dark Room Dome Camping Tent with Screen Room. It blocks 90% of sunlight and reduces heat inside the tent (vs. a comparable Coleman tent) for more comfortable rest at any time. A separate screen room lets you watch nature unfold while keeping the bugs away. With a full floor in the screen room, you can also use it as extra sleeping space on warmer nights.

From the manufacturer

carlsbad 4p tent

dark room technology

Product Highlights

screen room

storage pocket


carry case

Screen Room

Enjoy bug-free lounging and extra ventilation in a separate screened-in room that also offers an additional sleeping area on warmer nights.

Storage Pockets

Stash small necessities within easy reach and off the floor thanks to mesh pockets conveniently sewn into the side of the tent’s walls.

WeatherTec System

If it rains, stay dry thanks to tub-like floors with patented corner welds and covered seams to help keep water out.

Pack Up with Ease

When it’s time to head home, the tent easily fits into the included carry bag, which also expands with a rip-strip for extra storage space.

spacious interior


About the Brand

We help people make fun memories by providing the tents, lighting, stoves, coolers, sleeping bags, and camping tools integral to their favorite outdoor experiences.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

Warning: This product can expose you to Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate (TDCPP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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Special Feature



‎4-person, 6-person



Occupant Capacity



‎Camping Tent



Product Dimensions

‎120"L x 68"W x 108"H






‎Camping & Hiking

Item Weight

‎21.3 Pounds

Age Range (Description)




Installation Type

‎Free Standing

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash

Included Components


Pole Material Type



6 Person

Closure Type


Number of Doors


Floor Length

‎108 Inches

Maximum Height

‎8 Inches

Floor Area

‎90 Square Feet

Water Resistance Level

‎Water Resistant

Package Weight

‎9.89 Kilograms

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎120 x 108 x 68 inches

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎1 Year

Model Name

‎Coleman Dome

Suggested Users


Number of Items


Part Number




Date First Available

December 27, 2015


‎Coleman, ‎The Coleman Company, Inc.

9 reviews for Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool,

  1. Corey

    We all know how tent info is so misleading like when it says how many people can fit. I bought the bigger one and I would say you could fit 5 comfortably and 6 like sardine style.The next thing that made me, my son and nephew laugh was this “dark technology.” I was happy a first cause it was dark but not as much as I thought it would be. For example you can see where the moon is from inside. In the morning you can easily see the outline of the rein cover. It says it keeps out 90% of light but I have nothing to guage that by.When assembling the tent the fishnet porch part tore when putting it together because I put a clip on the pole and when trying to put the pole in the hole, the metal sleeve pulled on the clip and ripped a 2 inch hole. Overall my fault but dissipated it ripped so easy. So NOTE to all. Put the clip on the poles after it’s in a tent position. I didn’t give it 4 stars for that but instead it was the INSTRUCTIONS!!!Worst tent instructions I have ever seen. I still got it up in about 30 mins in the dark. Overall I’m satisfied I guess. The price was a bit high but the tent does look cool. Lol

  2. Zeker

    We got this tent as an upgrade to our older, smaller one.Set up is not the easiest, especially the roof part.Once the whole thing is put together, however, the interior is very comfortable and roomy. We slept very good that night, and the double entrance zipper design (faux mudroom) made keeping the bugs out very easy.The only other gripe is that putting everything away back into the carrying bag was kind of tough. Luckily the bag is a bit expandable, but nonetheless it’s a chore to set up and collapse, which is why I docked a star.

  3. Nina

    So, I have to say I like this tent for the design and price. I chose this tent for weekly camping trips with my adventure cat that also enjoys glamping.The enclosed porch holds a travel cat tree, food and cat box, shoes, lots of odds and ends, even a chair at times. Its super convient and easy to clean with the mesh drain Inside is fairly big and I loved standing up but I wouldn’t share it with more than one other person. It would feel cramped with more.Now the quality of the tent is lacking. I read the reviews and knowing about the complaints I made adjustments on how I set the tent up.First, the fast pitch part was ok. Im 50, female and set the tent up alone. It took me about 30 minutes because I was watching my cat explore the woods. I first I noticed while I was attaching the clips to the poles, that the seams were poorly sewn. They were pulling the threads too tightly and I was worried that they would tear. Also while bending the poles to sit in the 4 corner posts they creaked and moand to the point I thought they would snap but they did not. Inside the tent many, seams just didn’t match up, many were off by 1/2 to an inch, so no matter how perfectly the tent was set up, it puckered here and pulled too tight there. It looked off and sloppy, it also let daylight seap in. The dark technology was kind of a joke. (I dont care, not what I bought it for) Maybe its the rain fly that has the technology because I had a very small glow stick sitting 5 feet from the tent and where the tarp didn’t cover, I could see the glowstick light. (A small cheap glowstick) it appears to me that only the window coverings were extra dark. The rest of the tent was just a normal tent. The fabric is of the sheerest material, very cheap. There were numerous runs in the materials, letting light come in. It also came in around the pole/clip seams outside.I recommend getting flex tape or something similar and several pole splints.How I set the tent up. First, I didn’t bother with the rain fly. I knew it would rain and I was expecting high winds at least one day and people have complaind about the sewing on that, with wind ripping it. So, I used an 11’x 16′ foot tarp and made an a frame over the tent with it. I used guy lines to anchor it securely. This achieved fixes to several complaints. Firstly, it was now rain and wind proof, when I had 35-40 mile an hour gusts and it rained hard 7 straight hours, the tarp took all the abuse. The tent wasn’t tossed around, damaging the material and poles or getting wet. Secondly, there was no issue with condensation. I also added a tarp under the tent (not peeking out anywhere around the sides) and a ground tarp inside the tent. This protects your tent from tears but also assists in keeping the tent floor and your personal items nice and dry.Results, the entire tent stayed bone dry, even the porch area was dry. I was pleased with it overall but it will take extra work to protect it and your valuables.The last night of my camp, was beautiful out, I took the tarp down and watched the stars from bed. It was awesome. It’s rough overall but with care, you can probably get a few years out of it.

  4. Phill Pack

    Not a bad tent… Great tent for tropical climates like here in Hawaii. I have taken it out two times: Once beach camping in North Shore, and the second camping mauka in Kaneohe. Then why only 4 stars? It has mostly to do with design shortfalls, and not build quality. So here are the pro’s, con’s, and meh’s:PRO’S• Visual appeal – You will get compliments. The tent just looks cool. My friends started referring to it as “Darth Tent.”• Dark Room – This function does make a difference. It allows for deeper sleep, and makes you feel like a bear settling into a cave for a winter’s hibernation.• Quality – Coleman does a good job. The tent held up perfectly in tropical winds and rain, along with staying comfortable in radiant sunlight conditions.• Size – For two adults, a queen size airbed, and a pair of dogs, the sleeping area fit us well, and the porch area serves as a nice bug catch, and gear storage area.• Fast Pitch – I would say “Quicker Pitch.” Poles come pre-attached, so that knocks off a couple minutes erecting the tent and breaking it down. Nice that they have done away with inserting poles through sleeves that rip too.CON’S• None – it’s a good tent… However there are design elements that make it miss it’s mark.MEH’S• Screen Room Entrance – There is no stake point in the front center. This simple design flaw makes it annoying to unzip without having to hold down the base with your foot. This can become a sobriety balance test some nights. Quick tip, stake the bottom zippers to the ground.• Screen Room Water Resistance – Due to the pitch of the screen, and no zip up panels or rainfly overhang, it gets wet in rain. This essentially makes the area useless for things like gear storage or a pup patio in wet weather.• Front Door – The entrance only half opens. You essentially have what could be a two-panel door. However, only the right side opens. That reduces visibility and airflow for whoever sleeps on that side of the bed (Thanks babe). If Coleman only extended that zipper all the way across, or made it a two-door design, it would be perfect.• Back Window / Wall – This section of the tent is a screen. That makes it nice for airflow and star gazing with the rainfly off. However, with it on, the view is blocked completely, and you have no airflow control from inside the tent. Coleman should place a window here that can be zipped up, and a screened ceiling for clear night sky viewing.• Window Views – This is a trend I have noticed with Coleman tents. The windows are high off the ground, making it so you cannot see out of them while laying down unless you have a raised airbed (I do not). In addition, with the rainfly on this model, the overhang reduces visibility even more. I realize this is a darkroom tent, however I still camp to see the views. Coleman should make these items adjustable with bigger window panels and arched rainfly awnings.• Height – So close… I am 5’9″, which is a typical height. At the top of the dome, the height would be perfect so I would not need to slouch. However, once you have a bed in there, you are relegated to the outer edges and required to stoop or crank your neck to the side like you are at the Roxberry. Just another inch or two in height on this tent would increase comfort immensely.• Rainfly – Neon green! Great for visibility, and unfortunately also attractive to bugs. Insects love this color for some reason, and flock to it (or is swarm the right word?). Coleman, chill with the 80’s neon, and choose another non-insect attracting point on the spectrum.Overall, a good tent, but not a great one. Happy camping, and I hope this helps!

  5. BolideStryke

    Ease of PitchingFast fixing it up but material quite fragile so must handle with care. Tent entrance need to face wind direction to have more cooling effect since there is only one entrance. Awesome space for 6p tent and no regret buying it.

  6. timymity

    SuperbeSuperbe tente, qui correspond parfaitement à nos attentes. Par contre 3 bémols.Elle a mit beaucoup de temps pour nous être livrée.Un angle de la toile du dessus est déchiré. La couture n’a pas tenue.Sur le côté droit de la tente, une partie de la toile n’a pas été cousue.Je vais donc devoir m’amuser (ironique) à devoir recoudre tout ça.

  7. bruceat

    Rain fly is light blocking but very smallThis tent is spacious and easily fits 2 queen air mattresses with room for gear or single mattresses below.But, the light blocking claim is very misleading. The rain fly is blackout, and the window covers are as well, but none of the actual tent material is light blocking. So, it is still bright inside and the rain fly doesn’t cover much.The screen room has no rain protection so you can’t actually store anything in there without it getting wet.I think this is a very expensive tent for a 6-person, considering the claims made are pretty misleading, but we do find it spacious inside and good enough for us.I will note that you must peg it down to have the screen room stand up and that is really tough to do on the gravel pads at campgrounds nowadays. We have gone through two sets of metal pegs since buying it. This isn’t really a design flaw, but there are other tents that are freestanding without the need to peg like this.

  8. Eder Eulogio

    No apta para clima fríoEs muy amplia y fácil de armar. La zona del vestíbulo es muy útil. Sí es alta y una persona de 1.50 o 1.60 si cabe de pie en la casa. La parte trasera de la casa sólo tiene una red y por ahí entra mucho frío, sólo es buena para climas cálidos.

  9. Daniel A.

    Fácil de armar, pero no es tan obscura!Muy buen tamaño en general. La usamos mi esposa y yo + el bebé en su cuna de viaje y con todo y maletas el espacio está excelente, además tiene buena altura.Nos llovió un poco y todo excelente, ninguna filtración.No es tan obscura como promete, fue una de las razones por las que la compramos, para dormir al bebé temprano; pero si bien es mas obscura que otras casas de campaña, no esperes obscuridad total, está muy lejos de eso.

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Coleman Carlsbad Dark Room Camping Tent with Screened Porch, 4/6 Person Tent Blocks 90% of Sunlight and Keeps Inside Cool,
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