Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 2/4 Person Tent Sets Up in 10 Seconds, Includes Pre-Assembled Poles, Adjustable

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  • FAST SETUP: 10-second setup with pre-assembled poles
  • FOLDS FLAT: Making it easy to store and carry
  • ADJUSTABLE RAINFLY: Helps protect against wind and rain while also providing ventilation
  • STAY DRY: Taped floor seams help keep you dry
  • GEAR POCKETS: Keep small items stored away and organized, Instant setup in as fast as 10 seconds

Great adventures can happen anywhere, that’s why Coleman made these Pop-Up tents. The Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Camping Tent sets up in just 10 seconds so you can get to the fun faster when you’re camping out in the backyard or checking out the lineup at a music festival. Plus, it folds flat making it easy to store and carry for the next time you head out. When it’s raining out, position the adjustable rainfly to help protect against wind and rain while keeping the tent well ventilated. Taped floor seams also help keep you dry, and the gear pockets can be used to store phone, keys, and other small items.

Important information

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‎2 Person, ‎4-Person

Package Weight

‎4.47 Kilograms


Blue, Green

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎90 x 53 x 35 inches

Item Weight

‎5.9 Pounds

Brand Name


Warranty Description

‎1 Year Limited Warranty

Model Name

‎Camp Burst Pop-Up Camping Tent



Suggested Users


Part Number



‎Pop-up Tent

Included Components

‎Tent, Carry Bag

Sport Type

‎Camping & Hiking



Date First Available

October 1, 2021



10 reviews for Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 2/4 Person Tent Sets Up in 10 Seconds, Includes Pre-Assembled Poles, Adjustable

  1. HD Crabtree

    We got the 2 & 4 person versions (two tents).It is compact, easy to deploy and will easily take your face off if you dont pay attention to rapid expansion.It seems less durable than the regular Coleman tent we have, just doing a test deployment and repack caused wear to the fabric corners of the pole pockets. Folding takes some practice.Not very tall, the 4-person would fit 4 kids, or 2 adults would be okay, certainly not 3+ adults. 2 person is slightly smaller. No standing in either unit, crawling only.Should do well for our spontaneous camping trips in the small car or 1-2 day trips. If doing a longer stay I would get a larger tent, we have another Coleman 10-person tent for those.

  2. Lori B.

    It’s really a little small for two people but it could work. I love this. Easy set up and take down. I don’t get wet when it rains. I use it to sleep in my back yard and it’s my new favorite space. I do wish it had a back window. I’m not a fan of the double doors but it’s fine. I would buy this again.

  3. kevin

    The new pop-up style tents are effortless to set up and after you get the steps down for folding up the tent, it is super easy to put away. I have owned multiple pop-up tents and some different brands. Most of the pop-ups fold up the same way. The Coleman does withstand rain storms when properly prepared. Compared to and use of other designed pop-up tents the Coleman design has better features, like the panoramic star gazing roof. A floor tub that doesn’t need the door to work(important for rain). Other pop-up tents needed both doors zipped closed to have the floor tub work and keep you dry from rain. Doesn’t act like a giant beach ball when packing away. Yes, you still need to zip close the non-screen door if it’s raining. The white Coleman tent with a lantern inside at night time is pleasant to look at while sitting next to the campfire.I have tents for different reasons like one different brand tent is for air conditioning. It has windows where I can zip the stand-up air conditioner exhaust hose in for the hot air to escape.I have only taken this tent camping once and the poles have already snapped in less than 3 months. With these tents being flat when packed up, are the last in. I have had other Coleman tent poles snapped too. I have also had a child try and bounce off of the tent like a giant ball causing a rip in the tent.I really do enjoy how fast these tents are set up and taken down, even if they do break

  4. Stacy

    First, this won’t/shouldn’t be your only tent. This thing is amazing for quick car camping overnights with the kids, when time is of the essence. We use it most for single nights on the lake when taking the time to set up & break down a full camp would be impractical, or for those overnight stops en route to a final destination. Its great on the beach as a sun shelter (you’d have to purchase sand anchors for it, but all serious campers looking for 5 star experiences from big-box stock tents should always upgrade stakes. It’s a given people. Don’t deduct stars because the stakes are flimsy. They’re all the same out of the box, in my experience).The other universal given is that all 4 person tents are actually 2 person tents. We’ve fit me & my husband (2 moderately large people) in here with our 4 year old reasonably comfortably when the (yes awkward) fly is off, with me only having one panic attack in there with the fly on. Not bad for the size of this thing. As for that panic attack I noted a few things:1. With 3 people in this thing and the rain fly on, I suspect it’s too tight for adequate ventilation. It’s a very tight fitting fly and there are no windows accessible on the inside, plus it’s a weird two layer door. If it were raining and I HAD to be in there with the rest of the family, I’d have been in the car. Or my hammock, my preferred camping mode. But we buy this thing is for the speed when hanging hammocks would be impractical. As for condensation, idk because we’ve only used it in mild weather, but all signs point to it being a nightmare.2. The floor will leak if you put it on a tarp. Like just about all tents with or without a bathtub bottom. Tarps should never be visible below your tent because the rain will puddle onto your tarp and pool below the tent, unable to seep into the ground. There are ways to place a tent on a tarp, but none of them should be visible once the tent is on it.3. I don’t know who’s knocking off stars because this thing doesn’t fit an air mattress, but yeah. There’s no way you want to try to put a Walmart-purchased air mattress in here. Use a sleeping pad. The hikenture double inflatable pad is amazing. Foam mats are fine enough. Not a 2 foot high mattress.4. I’m buying a second one to make a sort of small-tent compound for extended use as the main tent of the trip. The problem of the useless door in the rain is solved by placing either a tarp or a canopy over the door. We will flank a 10×10 ez up canopy with two of these tents, maybe a tarp too, thus comfortably sleeping 4 and protecting us from the rain, all while maintaining a 5 min set up time.5. After the third try I can fold this thing up perfectly the first time. Takes practice cause it’s huge.6. Don’t take this thing wildernesses camping. It’s tempting, I know, but just don’t. Wrong application here, it will fail you in every way.So as a car camping tool for speed and convenience, this thing gets a solid 4 stars, 4.5 if possible. As a primary family tent, I’d give it 3 stars because it can’t function on its own due to door/window/rain fly design issues & will require a canopy or tarp in less than ideal weather. As a backpacking tent, just no. Overall it is one of my most used outdoor items, next to my Hennessy expedition, but that’s mostly cause I can hang the Hennessy for a quick nap were I can see the house, but they can’t find me. This pop up tent gets a zero for stealth, lol.

  5. Kirk

    Used three times so far, set up is awesome, take down is tricky. Bigger than expected, bought a different tent at the same time, they say they’re the same size, this one is way bigger. Love it.

  6. Sarah

    Loved how easy it was to set up (literally pops up) but folding it up to store it is super challenging.

  7. Jacinto Quesnel

    Es maravillosa pero tiene su trucoATENCIÓN: Guardarla tiene su complejidad, no es nada fácil siguiendo las instrucciones dibujadas, pero viendo un video luego luego entendí como. Recomiendo mucho buscar video tutoriales para entenderle al “truco”.La verdad le pongo 5 estrellas porque es lo que tiene que ser, ligera y buena para festivales o acampadas cerca del transporte. Y por muy buen precio. Y bueno, igual que otras reseñas, no la recomiendo si tienes que caminar mucho con ella porque está algo estorbosa. Se instala efectivamente de inmediato, la calidad de las estacas es media, igual bien para el precio. Y el material del piso es algo débil, sin ningún refuerzo, así que hay que tomar eso en consideración.

  8. Cyr

    Facile à installerTrès facile à installer, 10 secondes! Pour le rangement un peu plus de sport, par contre avec la vidéo Youtube ça quand même bien été.Testé sous une faible pluie et je suis restée au sec.

  9. Carlos

    Excelente compraYo compré la opción de 2 personas y debo recomendarla ampliamente. Me ha encantado desde que llegó. Muchas ventajas y solo dos desventajas.PROS: de verdad se abre en medio segundo. En 10 segundos estás instalado totalmente, cierra con mucha seguridad y destaca en su estabilidad en lluvia y mucho viento (mucho). Tiene muchísima ventilación así que en el día puedes quitar el toldo y secarla en minutos. Tiene doble puerta por lo que puedes cerrar ambas con privacidad o bien dejar solo la del mosquitero para tener un poco de vista exterior. Aprender a cerrarla toma 5 minutos y de ahí no vuelve a tomarte más de 1 minuto tenerla cerradas y empaquetada. Caben cómodamente dos ya partes de yoga y dos colchones de campismo, Asi como equipaje y equipo. Si mides más de 1.89 mejor dejar tus cosas en otro lado o usarlas de almohada. El paquete ocupa no más de 4 cms de alto en el piso de la cajuela y puedes dejar el resto de tus cosas encima, o bien pegarla a un extremo parada si la cargas en camioneta. Excelente.CONTRAS: el principal es la tela del piso, es el mismo material de las paredes, así que el contacto con piedras o ramas y con el peso del equipaje o la persona lo perforan, raspan o rasgan con muchísima facilidad. En cada salida he tenido que parcharle un orificio nuevo. Eso se resuelve con una lona gruesa que pongas bajo la tienda. El otro pero es que no es fácil de transportar con las manijas que tiene la bolsa, o arrastra o la llevas en vilo y te cansas. Lo ideal sería que tuviera manijas tipo “escudo” o cinta para colgar al hombro. Otro punto a considerar sin ser necesariamente un “pero” es que la altura central es mínima (89 cm) lo que impide que estés sentado cómodamente en el interior un último tema a considerar es que una vez dentro, no puedes abrir ventanas ni ventilaciones. Todas se abren desde afuera, así que quedas aislado del exterior y tienes que abrir la tienda para asomarte fuera invariablemente. Tema menor que quizá pudo resolverse con diseño.En términos generales es excelente, cómoda y muy divertida para acampar cerca del auto o donde no tengas que cargarla largas distancias. Súper práctica, discreta y fácil de poner y quitar. Cuando me la acabe de tanto uso seguramente buscaré comprarme la misma o una muy similar.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Very good, but not quite great.This tent can do more than a kids’ backyard summer camp out. Used in winter, -5 C, no wind. For just 1 person. Pitched on packed snow, with an messy mix of snow and sleet happening. The tent was covered in a thin layer of ice the next morning. Performed very well. No precipitation got in, and there was no condensation or dampness in the tent. I used a groundsheet and just the 2 integrated guy lines, no other stakeouts. Tent was solid. It has a bathtub floor btw which will help in soggy conditions. The only downside is the lack of any kind of entry protection. Snow fell in from the door every time it was opened. These are small tents so what comes in goes everywhere. Would be unmanageable with 2 people. Addition of an isolated and floored vestibule area would make this tent truly amazing.

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Coleman Pop-Up Camping Tent with Instant Setup, 2/4 Person Tent Sets Up in 10 Seconds, Includes Pre-Assembled Poles, Adjustable
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