Cordless Electric Mop, Electric Spin Mop with LED Headlight and Water Spray, Up to 60 mins Powerful Floor Cleaner with 300ml

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Product Dimensions16.9″L x 5.9″W x 20.9″H
Surface RecommendationHardwood Floor, Wood Floor, Tile Floor, Laminate, Marble, Vinyl
Item Weight5.6 Pounds
  • 💧Powerful Spin & Long-Last Battery – The powerful floor cleaner equipped with a dual-motor spinning up to 280r/min, removes stubborn stains, dust and splotch on the home and kitchen floor quickly. Meanwhile, it will automatically push the head of the electric mop forward, making housework no effort. Compared to other electric mops, detachable 2550mAh battery of VMAI cordless mop provides a longer running time of 40-60 mins after only 2.5-3hrs fast charging, quickly clean up to 2150 sq. ft area.
  • 💧Hands-Free & Lightweight – Our electric mop applied with the latest wireless technology, is unrestricted by distance. With less than 3 pounds of self-weight and the ergonomic handle, let you mop around the house or easily take the cordless mop up and downstairs for floor cleaning. Stand-Free of the mop is convenient for storing. No-Touch disposal, no need to touch the dirty pad again. Floor cleaner for living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.
  • 💧Flexible, Adjustable and LED Headlight – The electric floor mop with an extendable rod for free length adjusting, is extended up to 48.8 inches and short up to 37 inches, meeting different needs. No bending, no backache. The mop head allows 180° rotated from left to right, 90°rotated for standing and facilitating mopping. It’s easier to reach beneath and around furniture. A flexible mop with LED headlight can remove the grime from those hard-to-reach place! Stain can’t hide anymore!
  • 💧Sprayer for Cleaning & Waxing – This electric mop provides spray function due to the 300ml built-in water tank. Fulfill clean water to the water tank by including measuring cup, you can mop while spraying. Or add wax oil to it, if you want to scrub the wooden floor. Simply press and hold the spray button on the handle of the spray mop, you can control how much liquid you want. Perfect scrubber and cleaner for vinyl, tile, hard floor, wood floor, laminate floor, Marble Floor, etc.
  • 💧Easy to Assemble & Lifetime Customer Support – Effortless to install with one pole, handle, and head. VMAI cordless electric mop provides 4 microfiber and reusable replacement mop pads for scrubbing and waxing. Your electric mop can be rejuvenated after years just by changing a battery. If you have any problems, please get in touch with us via Amazon. We will help you with all questions within 24 hrs.







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Product Description

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Thorough Clean For All Stains From Different Types Of Floors

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Electric mop with detachable battery battery can be removed

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electric mop with replacement mop pads cleaning pads waxing pads

Detachable Battery

The lifetime of the device is extended, which means your device can be rejuvenated after years just by changing a battery.

*You can buy the battery separately.

We offer extended support for batteries. If required, please get in touch with our support team.

LED Head Light & Water Spray

  • The LED light will let you find all the stains and dust at the corner. Dust can’t be hidden anymore.
  • With one Press Operation of the water sprayer, you can control how much water/oil/solution you want.

*Please remind that the oil or solution you use may need to be diluted.

*Please note that the mop does not come with a steam function

Water Washable Pads

Both reusable scrubby and soft-touch microfiber pads are contained in package, they can be thrown in the washer after being used.

No worries about washing the pads no more!

Save your time and energy!

electric mop cordless electric mop electric spin mop electric floor cleaner

stands free electric mop

electric mop for indoor home and kitchen living room bedroom washing room

Clean All the Corners

  • Long up to 48.8 inches and short up to 37 inches, meeting different needs. No bending, no backache.
  • 180° rotated from left to right, 90°rotated vertical to horizontal.
  • You can easily clean all the corners effortless and efficient.

Stand Free, Easy to Store

  • The suitable size makes storage simple.
  • This stand-free cordless mop lets you stop mopping wherever you want, no need to think about where to put it.
  • Simple maintenance and storage.

What’s in the package?

1 x Handle

1 x Adjustable Tube

1 x Mop Head

1 x Detachable Battery, 2 x AAA Battery

1 x Measuring Cup

1 Pair of Cleaning Pads, 1 Pair of Waxing Mop

1 x Power Charging Cord

1 x User Manual

electric mop with extensible handle 300ml water tank easy to operate christmas gift best gift

Important information

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Weight5.6 kg
Product Dimensions

20.9 x 16.9 x 5.9 inches

Item Weight

5.6 pounds



Item model number



1 AA batteries required. (included)


300 Milliliters

Assembly Required


Batteries required


Included Components

✅ 1 x Electric Mop ✅ A Pair of Cleaning Pads✅ A Pair of Waxing Pads, ✅ A Measuring Cup, ✅ 1 x Power Charging Cord ✅ 1 User Manual, ✅ 1 x Rechargeable Battery ✅ 2 x AAA Batteries



10 reviews for Cordless Electric Mop, Electric Spin Mop with LED Headlight and Water Spray, Up to 60 mins Powerful Floor Cleaner with 300ml

  1. Mary

    Easy to use, wish the reservoir was larger had to fill in the middle of cleaning house, but battery lasted no problem. It doesn’t get hard spots out, and if you have hair it keep picking it up and then would push it back out…. overall it will do a mop cleaning OK/well. Not sure how clean the floor germ wise will be since unlike a standard mop you are not rinsing it out. I think I will use it for sure, but might at least once a month do a real mop deep clean.

  2. Dawn

    I was worried that this mop wouldn’t clean well and might be hard to operate. Initially I purchased it to help me with stripping and refinishing the hard wood floors on our boat. I broke my back a few years ago and have quite a bit of pain from the medical cages that were placed to keep it together. Anything that can make this work easier, I am all for it! I haven’t started that project yet however I tried it for the first time yesterday, when I was cleaning the galley. It actually worked really well, I was happily surprised. It left no streaks on the floor, picked up any stray dog hairs that my vacuum left and was very quiet. So far I am very happy. I will repost after the first of the year to let you know how useful, or not, it is on my floor project.The only down fall so far, that I have found, is that no where in the instructions does it tell you how much water you should add to the reservoir. Using the measure cap that came with it, I added one full cup. I refilled the cup and added about half of the water when it starting to overflow. My guess is that only one full measure cup is all the water that fits into the machine.

  3. Francisco J Zamora-Echevarria


  4. Justin M.

    Purchased this electric mop to replace mop and bucket and Swiffer Wet Jet. Hands down faster than mopping and much better at cleaning floors than the Wet Jet. I do not use the water spray feature, I prefer to make my own cleaning solution in a spray bottle and spray the floors as I use the electric mop. impressed with how well this cleaned our floors as we have 3 dogs with 12 muddy paws! Definity recommend the electric, cordless mop.

  5. CSHOE

    I love this electric mop! It was easy to mop the entire house (we have no carpet so lots to keep clean). I don’t think we ever got a charger with ours though… 😔 and no charger in the house works..

  6. Kaylee Henley

    Overall, I like this electric mop. I was hoping for something that would do a good job on our floors without having to use a scrubbing motion like a swifer. The water/cleaner dispenser seems small, I need to fill it twice to do our floors which is about 1000 square ft, but I do love that you can use any cleaner of your choice in it. The battery life is rather good, I’ve only had to charge it once so far after two full cleans and a handful of spot cleans, so quite a bit. It doesn’t seem to scrub the floors on tough spots which is a disappointment, I’m not sure if that’s the pad not being wet enough or if it just needs more elbow grease. The self propel feature is fun and mildly entertaining but because it moves at its own pace it might take more time to mop, I don’t mind personally, but my husband does. Overall, I like the mop for the standard dust and dirt that comes off of shoes from the garage or outside, but a mop and bucket will still always be better (just a lot more work).

  7. RobM

    This mop makes a big job a lot easier. Most of my house is hardwood, so I do a lot of mopping. This does the hard work for me! I love that it comes with different pads for different surfaces and that I can just throw them in the wash after mopping. The water/cleaner squirts really far, sometimes I have a hard time with that, it gets on the walls and such. I still have to go back through and hand scrub the harder spots, but it does a way better job than the average mop.

  8. Kyle Forsgren

    Easy to assemble, easy to use!

  9. Jason

    The mop is light on the floor and easy on the handsI am using rhis mop atleast for the last six months and believe me we both are above 70 yr old, we are never tired of cleaning 15m x 6m hall, and the battery comes yet for dining. Twice I fill the tank. We both likes to do cleaning .We change the pads atleast twice, and the floor is beautifully cleaned. Lastweek there was a party and somethings fell down like some liquids and coffee. All of my friends were watching me to clean with ease. I too was bit proud to own the machine. But all of a sudden yesterday the battery stopped charging and one side of the mop is rotating with difficult. I have no idea what to do, somuch depressed. To do the cleaning, its nightmare. But still I suggest it’s the best, fully I recommend this mop, because its very light and free to all corners and under the sofas. Love it. Above all it sprays dettol and lisol so the floor is really clean and smells beautiful and fresh. Really I miss the mop.

  10. None

    Quiet operationEasy to assemble and operate. There is a pull to one side, the unit is lightweight so fairly easy to just pull unit back. Definitely need a few mop pads, they get dirty quickly and you should change pads to ensure you don’t get streaks on floors. The unit does come with washing mop pads and waxing mop pads. Pad replacements offered for review submittal. Very responsive seller. Easy to communicate. Only been used once so time will tell on long term efficiency.

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Cordless Electric Mop, Electric Spin Mop with LED Headlight and Water Spray, Up to 60 mins Powerful Floor Cleaner with 300ml
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