VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount,Drill Storage Rack Wall Mount with 2 Self-Adhesive Socket Fixers,4 Layers Cordless Drill

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Material Iron
Color Black
Special Feature Easy to Install, Removable, Extra Height
Product Dimensions 8.74″D x 26.2″W x 18.35″H
Shelf Type Iron

  • Well Organized & Convenience:VG1M garage organizer wall mount has 4 tiers of shelves, 6 drill slots. The compartments are made of thickened iron plates instead of iron bars used by other garage wall organizer, allowing you to place larger and heavier tools.
  • Consider Your Charging Needs:We provide two Self-Adhesive Socket Fixers for you to fix the charging socket next to this garage tool organizer, making it convenient for you to charge your cordless drill batteries.
  • Easy Installation:The screw holes of this garage wall shelf are located on 16-inch centers, which is easy to install and has better force resistance. The product package of our garage wall shelving contains details of accessories and detailed installation instructions.
  • Premium Material, Stronger:This garage shelf storage is made of thickened carbon steel, and the surface of the floating garage shelving wall mounted is made of frosted coating, which is more wear-resistant. This wall tool organizer has polished and rounded edges to prevent scratches.
  • High Quality, Good Service:It is our commitment to provide customers with high-quality products and comfortable services. If you have any questions about this tool storage organizer, please feel free to contact us, and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

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Product Description

VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount

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VG1M Power Tool Organizer,Keep Your Life Organized

  1. 4 tiers of shelves, 6 drill slots, the space height of the middle two layers reaches 7.2 inches, which can accommodate larger items and make it easier for you to access.
  2. A drill bit holder, a screwdriver holder and a hammer hanger, place more items.
  3. Net weight up to 8 pounds, sufficient material, strong and durable, heavy bearing.
  4. The middle two shelves are made of thickened steel plates instead of commonly used iron bars, which have better load-bearing capacity and durability.

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Reasonable Design

The screw holes of this shelf are located on 16-inch centers, which is easy to install and has better force resistance.

Excellent Workmanship

Strong welding, frosted surface, baking paint process, uniform protective coating, wear-resistant.

Flexible Location

This power tool storage adopts a detachable design.

The drill holder wall mount slots below can freely choose the installation position according to the space layout on the wall.

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Added Value to Meet Your Needs

We provide two Self-Adhesive Socket Fixers for you to fix the charging socket next to this cordless tool rack, making it convenient for you to charge your cordless drill batteries.

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Easy to Install & Detailed and Clear Installation Instructions

We include detailed and clearly described installation instructions, making it easy for you to assemble the product.

Important information

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Dimensions26.2 × 18.35 cm




Special Feature

‎Easy to Install, Removable, Extra Height

Product Dimensions

‎8.74"D x 26.2"W x 18.35"H

Shelf Type


Number of Shelves


Room Type

‎Garage,Workshop,Warehouse,Tools room

Finish Type


Assembly Required


Mounting Type

Wall Mount





Shelf Weight Capacity

‎200 Pounds

Item Weight

‎8 Pounds

Country of Origin






Item Package Quantity


Number of pieces


Measurement System


Special Features

‎Easy to Install, Removable, Extra Height



Batteries Included?


Batteries required




Date First Available

August 20, 2023



10 reviews for VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount,Drill Storage Rack Wall Mount with 2 Self-Adhesive Socket Fixers,4 Layers Cordless Drill

  1. shannon

    overall its ok but its really wobbly and feels cheaply made. its smaller than I thought but thats ok. also we weren’t able to get part of it to screw in, the screws would not fit no matter what we tried. really doesn’t feel like it was worth 50$

  2. JT

    I wanted to like this product and don’t get me wrong; I did. It’s just there are some things the manufacturer could have done differently.First thing, I ended up using my own hardware to secure the rack to the wall. The included drywall anchors and screws are so inefficient, I ended up stripping the head of one of the screws. So, I ended up using my own screws and washers (washers are not included) to secure the rack to my wall. I also noticed the screws provided did not sit flush with the product. Not a deal breaker but I found it odd.Once I did get the rack secured, I was pleased with the outcome. Very stable (I did secure one side into a stud vs. the drywall), and this rack is holding well over 20lbs of tools without any sag.This tool rack is constructed of metal, but you will need a drill, drill bit, and Phillips head screwdriver to complete the task. One thing to remember, when assembling the rack, the sides will orient on one side only. If you try the other side, you’ll discover like I did, it will not fit.Overall, it is not a bad product and works, however, I recommend using your own hardware (even though it may cost you a little extra amount) to adequately secure the rack. I wouldn’t purchase this again, but I won’t be getting rid of it either, if that makes sense.

  3. Steph

    I have always struggled for a single home for our power tools. They always seem to get lost in the abyss of our larger toolbox. I got this organizer for convenience sake, and I’m glad I did. It is nice and sturdy, and it was fairly easy to put together. (Though I used my own tools and screws since the ones that came with the organizer weren’t fitting well). It holds our Dewalt power tools & a few other things we frequently use with no problem.

  4. MostlyCloudy

    This is quite a bit heavier than I expected. Usually, the shelving is flimsy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with this unit. It, of course, takes some assembly, but that’s to be expected. We have mostly Milwaukee, and they fit just fine. I’ll update if we find that the shelving doesn’t end up holding up, but for now, I’m impressed, especially for the price.

  5. Stevie

    We have been squished inside a little apartment since Hurricane Ian with way too many children and grandchildren to remain completely sane! The key to this is organization! Currently we have 7 children, my husband and myself living in a rather small 3 bedroom apartment. It is going to be this way for another year or so as we rebuild our lives. (Idalia visited and set us back as well). 5 boys in one room, 2 girls and all the crafting supplies in the other. Tools and office in with mom and dad. The living room is a dining room, and the dining room is…an extension of the kitchen/laundry/pantry. The only reason we are still smiling is because we live by one simple motto “THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN ITS PLACE.”As you can imagine Organization is not optional! If what we have around the house doesn’t have a permanent residence, it lives in the storage unit. This organizer has enabled us to bring in our power tools from the storage unit and have a permanent residence for them! We are thrilled! I am really looking forward to having a garage again some day, but until then, I will be happy having everything neat and organized. Easy within reach and always where it belongs!This unit is very sturdy. I love how it has so many places to put the tips and other tools such as screwdrivers.. The way it is built allows us to place it on the wall and run cords down from the back to a charging station we have fashioned along the floorboard where there is an outlet so we can keep the batteries charged and ready for the next hit of inspiration. There is nothing cheap or flimsy about this wonderful wall mounted tool organizer! It is as essential to keeping all our tools in an orderly fashion as my metal ped board is – I never want to be without one again!

  6. Jason

     This tool organizer has lots of storage options. It was simple to put together and the instructions made it a breeze.The metal is a matte finish and most of the parts feel sturdy. One of the metal bars on the shelf arrived broken so minus a star. Other than that I have no issues with this tool organizer.

  7. WS

    Assembles easily with only one type of screw (sometimes with a nut). The metal is reasonably strong for batteries and small hand tools.I typically replace the drywall anchors, so did not use the included ones. They appeared to be the average cheap option, so not recommended for this application with tool removal/hanging.

  8. Julian Rodriguez

    Definitely gets the job done pretty lightweight, but still strong and sturdy. Very easy to mount wasn’t hard to put together hold all my tools. The drills batteries very well made five stars.

  9. Vivian Smith

    Large space and sturdyThis power tool organizer is perfect for me. First of all, its floor height is much higher than the one I bought before. It has a large space and makes it easier to store tool boxes and tools. The small tool storage rack on the side is also very practical. Small tools such as hammers and drills can be hung on it, making the garage much tidier. It’s also sturdy, with a noticeable weight in your hand.

  10. 🍻🇨🇦 Canadian Beer Is Better 🇨🇦🍻

    Convenient tool storage. Screwdriver holder is too small for some screwdrivers.Assembling this tool shelf was fairly straightforward by looking at the pictures in the instruction manual. The pieces weren’t labeled and it doesn’t include tools for the fasteners so you’ll need your own #2 Phillips screwdriver and a 5/16 wrench or nut driver.I like that this unit is customizable to suit my preference. The pieces for the sides can be attached on either side or on any level and it doesn’t necessarily matter. The bottom wire drill holder can also be fastened separately from the shelf but I ended up having it underneath since that’s where I’ll be charging my batteries.There’s a few cons that I noticed. The holes in the screwdriver holder aren’t large enough to accommodate some screwdrivers such as my slotted or adjustable drivers. Also, the wall screws that it included weren’t long enough to go through the shelf, my pegboard and drywall so I had to use my own.It’s a convenient unit to store my most frequently used tools and works well for a charging station. The build quality is good and everything fit together without issues. The wire drill holder does flex a bit when drills are placed on it although it doesn’t bend out of shape. The shelves and side attachments are more than thick enough to hold various heavier items like hammers, power tools, multiple batteries and hand tools. I like that the middle and bottom shelves are made of sheet metal so they’re good for holding smaller items that would fall through a wire shelf.I also like that the fastening holes are 16″ apart which made it perfect to align with my pegboard holes and wall studs. Overall this is a good little tool organizer that’s been handy for quick tool access and it frees up space in my tool box. I have no complaints with the build quality or design although it would’ve been great to have larger screwdriver holes.

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VG1M Power Tool Organizer Wall Mount,Drill Storage Rack Wall Mount with 2 Self-Adhesive Socket Fixers,4 Layers Cordless Drill
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